Token Vesting

  • Vesting occurs weekly you can claim any time!
  • You must use the wallet provided to Pax is utilising a recognised, audited token vesting platform called securely locks your token allocation in an open-source, verified smart contract with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. The smart contract provided by vests your tokens to your provided wallet address according to the agreed vesting schedule.
To access your tokens please follow the following steps:
Step 1. Navigate to
Step 2. Connect Wallet using the button at the top right of the screen
You will be presented with an option to choose a wallet app. Choose the appropriate application – likely Metamask but this may vary depending on where your wallet keys are stored. Follow the prompts to connect to the wallet – which should be the wallet corresponding to the address provided to
Step 3. Scroll to “My Vestings V3” section to see your claimable PAXW tokens. If you have not connected Metamask using the Polygon network, you’ll be presented with a button to “Switch Network”. Select this and follow the instructions on Metamask.
Step 4. Claim your tokens using the Claim buttons. The claimable amount is displayed, which is calculated according to the vesting rules and the current time. Follow the prompts on your wallet provider.