📊STAKE to become a tester

Stake PAXW to become a tester, then earn a reward in PAXW for providing feedback

Staking contract will be available November 15th.

Users who stake 1,000 PAXW early can become beta testers, entering a test environment from 20th November. Additionally testers will get access to pre released items and areas including phone and VR access to the worlds. Each time we release a call for new testers you can level up and gain new rewards. The provisional details are below but check back regularly for full instructions.

These beta testers will receive 500 PAXW tokens as a reward upon completion of the following:

1. Stake 1,000 PAXW before the closing date (TBD)

2. Create a login and enter the test environment

3. Move around and interact with the test environment for a cumulative total of at least one hour (time spent idle does not count)

4. Complete the feedback task.

5. Retweet a specified post by pax.world.

🕓 Stay tuned for further details on how to participate.

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