🏵️Rewards for landowners

As a landowner in pax.world, you will play a central role in building a large, diverse community around the social, cultural and economic activity that your content will help to drive and inspire.

As well as the opportunity to build, publicize and monetize the structures, experiences and installations you create on your land, there are a number of ways you can earn rewards that are either exclusive to landowners or boosted by land ownership.

You can generally find a summary of the main reward structures available to landowners here, but you should make regular visits to the REWARDS section for full details of the schemes open to landowners and to other kinds of user.

Current and future reward opportunities for landowners

Invite to Earn - landowner affiliate programme

Beginning in Q4 2022, we will be running a version of the affiliate programme with reward opportunities specific to landowners. Check it out here.

Content rewards

pax.world rewards landowners who create engaging content that inspires other community members. Starting in Q4 of 2022 we will be running creative contests where the most impressive projects will be put to a community vote on social media, and the winners rewarded with $PAXW.

Sail on over to the content rewards pages for more details.

Stake to open the door to custom 3D models

Custom structures

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