What is pax.world?

pax.world is an open multi-purpose metaverse, aiming to provide the widest possible user experience, maximizing opportunities to learn, socialize, play, discover and earn, and connecting communities around the world.

pax.world allows users and brands to host and attend educational learning classes, business headquarters, live shows, concerts, team building events, private functions, gallery exhibitions and so much more.

Our token is a utility token for our metaverse, facilitating user interactions, social networking, trade, gamification and the creation of genuinely engaging experiences by and for the users.

The Mission

pax.world is an award winning metaverse island to allow communities to communicate and experience the metaverse in a way never seen before.

pax.world aims to carve out a reputation as a market leader, spearheading new innovations in disruptive technology, moving the ball forward for the entire sector and defining the aesthetic and functional boundaries of what will become the heyday of the metaverse.

The Aesthetic

pax.world's aesthetic identity adheres to the theme of abstract realism, with influences from the interrelated concepts of magic realism, magical realism and surrealism.

The buildings and landscapes of pax.world are believably physical with a consistent sense of presence and perspective, yet are not expected to fully emulate the feel and the logic of the real world, nor are they strictly bound by the laws of physics.

Intuitive representations of walls, buildings, spaces and objects such as trees look like you could reach out and touch them, but have the capacity to surprise by incorporating elements or behaviours with a magical or surreal quality.

The Geography

The landscape of pax.world is made up of a main island (Pax Island) and a number of smaller islands, together roughly ten times the size of Monaco. The creators of pax.world have divided this land into around 28,000 individual hexagonal plots ("tiles"), each a little over 1,000 square metres.

Users, brands and organizations can purchase land, the ownership of which is underwritten by NFTs, and build a virtual headquarters or any number of unique metaverse experiences.

Part of pax.world's unique charm for visitors right from initial launch will come from the inclusion of huge, versatile communal spaces known as "Metaserai", inspired by the “caravanserai” or “caravan palaces” of the trade routes of old. These Metaserai will be hubs for events, socializing and trade, as well as the first port of call for most new visitors to the world. Four world-class architects (WHY, Grimshaw, Farshid Moussavi, and HWKN) have designed and built the first four such structures.

Public art and architecture installations known as "landmarks" and "follies" also await the intrepid explorer. Rewards in the form of PAXW tokens and unlocked functionalities and items will be available to those who step out in search of adventure when the world opens.

The Future

Founder Frank Fitzgerald created pax.world as a social space but considers the ability to interact realistically and spontaneously in virtual spaces as the key to unlocking other functions such as business deals and creative collaboration. 

It is hoped that pax.world will help to redefine the limits of communication and collaboration, but also contribute to pushing new frontiers in business and culture.

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