Technical Roadmap

We will update this periodically to announce new features coming to

November 2022

Land Builder (Beta)
Initial release of our land builder in to design and create innovative structures on your owned land tiles.
Become a architect
We will shortly launch an initiative allowing our wider community to flex their creative muscles and build using our revolutionary design system for architects. Design, build and submit your architectural masterpiece, in time for NFT creation and marketplace from December.

December 2022

Land Builder (Production)
New features with pre-built architectural designs to place with one click. Launch of the marketplace to publish and sell NFT architecture. architecture marketplace architects can create NFTs from their creations and submit them online for sale on our marketplace. Landowners and prospective landowners can browse and purchase NFT architecture pieces for (Alpha)
Initial release of for passport holders and landowners. A first chance to walk around, explore, and chat with your friends. (Mobile Alpha)
A limited number of testers will have access to the first mobile version of the world.

Q1 2023 events
Explore the metaserai and hold events in our presentation and exhibition areas. portals
Add a portal to your land and teleport to any URL including our pre-fabricated "metanovae" (self-contained worlds) or even other metaverses.
Custom metanova creation
Build your own 3D environment in Unity and submit it to our site to set up your own 1-click metanova.
Prefabricated metanova templates
Basic prefabricated, self-contained worlds to be used with portals from Place portals on your land and drive traffic from there to your metanova and vice versa. mobile app (production)
Release the Android and iOS devices.

Q2 2023

VR application for metanovae
Supported metanovae will work with Oculus Devices for immersive VR experiences.
Whiteboard sessions while in video chat.
Video calling out of the metaverse
Ability to send invitation links and have conversations with people outside of the metaverse using standard browser-based video calls.