Token Roadmap

November 2022's native utility token, the $PAXW, was listed on MEXC on 31 October 2022.
The Land Builder app allows landowners to begin building on their tiles ahead of the launch of itself, opening up several opportunities to earn $PAXW. For example, the best builds from November will be included in our first landowner creative contest in December.
Landowners interested in staking at least 100,000 $PAXW can unlock the full potential of their tiles through planning consent to import custom 3D models (subject to optimization for All enquiries to [email protected]
Users willing to stake at least 1,000 $PAXW can take part in the beta testing programme and earn $PAXW for their participation and feedback in December.

December 2022

The best builds will be shortlisted for public voting on social media. This contest is a prototype for future creative contests to involve progressively more community influence and in-world voting.

More to follow for 2023