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How to access

Type the URL into your browser or click the relevant link from our main site or from an invitation.
For best results, we recommend using the Chrome browser.

Select an access option

If you have previously visited and created a user account, select Log in.
If you have previously logged in, you may be redirected to a landing page from which you can enter the world without resubmitting your user credentials.
If this is your first visit, you can create a login by clicking Sign up.

Guest access

Those wishing to access as part of a limited preview of the full experience can select Continue as guest. Guest users cannot connect a wallet, choose their spawning point or take advantage of all features and functionalities of and its in-world economy. For more details click here.
Guest access is disabled during the private launch period for landowners since landowners must connect a wallet containing one or more land NFTs to be recognised as such.