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pax.world affiliate programme


Central to pax.world's aims and philosophy is its community. Humans, interacting fruitfully with humans. Without that, the metaverse and all web3 innovation is without meaning or purpose.

Who better, then, to bring humans to the platform, than other humans who are already there and loving it? This means you.

Over the coming months, pax.world will provide a variety of opportunities for pax.world citizens to earn rewards by inviting others to join in the fun.

Some versions of the affiliate programme may require participants to hold or stake $PAXW, others not. Some versions may only be available to landowners or come with other prerequisites.

How does it work?

The basic idea is always the same, although the details will differ from time to time:

  1. Comply with any minimum requirements (could be buying or staking PAXW or owning land)

  2. Have or create a login for pax.world

  3. Obtain a unique personal affiliate link

  4. Share your link with others and encourage them to visit the platform

  5. Your invitees complete a set of minimum requirements, which may include creating themselves a login for pax.world, spending time online, completing achievements or completing a feedback or marketing-related task

  6. You receive rewards (usually in the form of $PAXW) proportionate to the number of fully validated invites.

The requirements and calculation of invite-to-earn rewards will change from time to time, especially in the early days of the platform, so check back here regularly. Also, keep an eye on our social media channels, especially Twitter to be the first to hear about affiliate schemes coming up before the full launch of pax.world.

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