💲How To Purchase Land

Purchase Land NFTs and begin building your creation

Step 2 - Select your land

Selecting a tile of land is no easy task when you have as much choice as pax.world provides.

Do you want to be next to a road (such as pax.world's first main highway, the Paxway), next to a spawn point (the main ones, to begin with, will be around metaserai), or do you see yourself snapping up a waterfront property?

Remember, buying multiple adjacent land tiles gives you extra space to build on, and access to extra rewards.


  1. Double click on a tile to open the purchase pop-up window and view the price and coordinates.

  2. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

  3. Hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the map.

  4. Use the mini map in the lower right corner to jump to an area.

  5. When you've found your ideal tile (or one of them), click Purchase to proceed.

Step 3 - After clicking "Purchase", complete your purchase on the pax.world land marketplace site.

Please review your order carefully to make sure you have the correct items in your basket and choose your currency correctly in the next step.

Choosing your currency is important paying in PAXW nets you a 10% discount.

Step 4: Choose your currency PAXW, ETH, or USD

Choose your currency in the upper right hand corner. Be aware of the discounts in PAXW token at checkout. Prices in cryptocurrencies are updated periodically and may not reflect real-time exchange rates.

Step 5: Checkout

With our simple cart-based checkout, all you need to do now is enter the requested details including your wallet address to which the NFT will be minted.

Note: For security reasons we will process and review all purchases. NFTs should be minted to your wallet no later than 12 hours after purchase.

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