This land is your land

The landscape of pax.world is made up of a main island (Pax Island) and a number of smaller islands, together roughly ten times the size of Monaco. The creators of pax.world have divided this land into around 28,000 individual hexagonal plots ("tiles"), each a little over 1,000 square metres.

Types of land

For sale

Around one third of pax.world's 28,000 tiles are available for users to purchase. Land can be purchased through the landsale app. Pricing is reflective of a number of factors including proximity to certain geographical features or public structures. Ownership of a land tile is underwritten by the issue of an NFT (non fungible token).

Owning land allows a user to build a structure using the pax.world's revolutionary toolbox system, which can be used to display content, create interactive experiences or simply show off your architectural skills. Landowners also have access to exclusive reward schemes when they stake token, and can earn content rewards voted on by the community.

Reserved land

Around another third of the world is made up of tiles bestowed upon the DAO. In principle these tiles are either kept unused or dedicated to community-driven content, although the DAO may in due course decide to redesignate reserved tiles for sale or into another category.

Communal land

Existing more as a special variant of reserved land than anything else, communal tiles are in use by the community in the form of public spaces. The tiles occupied by pax.world's four metaserai, or by the various landmarks and follies scattered through the map, are examples of communal land.

Preserved land

The remaining tiles (again, roughly one third of the tiles) are permanent public or communal spaces, much like a nature reserve or national park in the real world. These will be managed by the DAO in perpetuity. That management may involve the addition of public-interest installations, but never redesignation for sale.

How big is one tile of land?

Each hexagonal tile is 1,039.2 square meters (11,186 square feet). The core of the tile is roughly 40 metres across, surrounded by a margin of a few metres. Owning both tiles either side of the border allows the intervening margin (around 8 metres) to be built on; otherwise neighbouring tile owners each leave the margin clear for the aesthetic and practical benefits to the world.

What can I build on my land?

Utilizing our revolutionary land builder system directly in your web browser, you can quickly and easily create complex architectural designs. With a little imagination, innovative structures can be assembled intuitively. The relative simplicity and clean lines of pax.world construction is both a reflection of the world's unique design aesthetic and a way of ensuring that the platform works smoothly on a wide variety of devices.

The tools available from launch represent only a basic entry version; in due course users will have the option of upgrading the functionality available to their land, allowing for a more varied colour palette and the ability to connect their pax.world land to a metanova - a self-contained "off-world world" where more complex designs can be purchased out of the box or custom-built by specialized design teams.

Can I earn token by owning land?

Being a landowner opens up numerous reward schemes, boosted by staking, through which you can earn rewards. Examples include variations on our "Invite to Earn" affiliate program, or periodic creative contests.

Can I add a custom 3D model to pax.world?

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