🎯Spawning choices screen

Before heading off to the Avatar Creator or directly into pax.world, registered users are presented with a list of the spawning points available to them.

The number and type of spawning points depends on the status and progress of each user. You may have the following kinds of spawning points:

Owned land

If you are a landowner and have connected your wallet, you will have the option of spawning in at one of your land tiles.


The metaserai are large communal structures in pax.world. Your spawning choices will include one or more of the metaserai.

Other spawning choices

Between future development of pax.world and the user's progress through a set of pre-defined achievements, further spawning choices will become available over time.

If this is your first visit, you will be redirected to the Avatar Creator before spawning in. If not, you will spawn right in at the location selected.

Guest users will not be given a list of spawning points to choose from; instead, they will be spawned in to a default spawning point.

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