⏱️Private launch - landowners

The private launch in December 2022 will provide an exclusive preview of the pax.world experience for landowners only.

pax.world is still in development, so some features will differ betwen the version made available to landowners and the version deployed for the general public at full launch.

What the private launch is for

The main purpose of the private launch is to allow landowners to walk their tiles on pax.world and to view their Land Builder creations in the pax.world landscape.

It is also a chance for landowners to get a look at the structures built by other landowners, as well as some of the public structures and sculptures already visible in pax.world.

What to expect

Since this is an early sneak peek of pax.world, many aspects of it are still under development. Our team has been working tirelessly to provide, even at this early stage, an experience worthy of our esteemed early landowners and a solid foundation for further refinements.

The early pax.world landscape is mostly a blank canvas, the most notable exceptions being the metaserai, follies and landmarks, and, of course, the structures designed, built and published by you using the Land Builder application.

The key elements of the user experience - login, wallet connection, avatar creation, navigation around the world, interactions with other users, and so on - are already in place but some functionalities, mechanisms and features will either be altered or withdrawn in time for public launch, or absent until public launch or even later.

Logging in

From public launch onwards, a "guest" user status will allow new visitors to access pax.world without creating a user account. For now, this option is disabled. Only landowners can access pax.world at this point, and they must create a username and password in order to do so. More details

Wallet connection

It will also be possible, following public launch, to skip the crypto wallet connection stage when signing up or logging in, allowing some users to be registered and therefore save their progress and customisations, without needing a wallet. Since landowners are the only visitors to pax.world for the moment, and since you need to connect your wallet to prove your ownership of land, the wallet connection step is mandatory at private launch. More details

Spawning choices

The number and type of spawning choices available is individual to each user and depends on whether or not they own land and whether they have completed certain requirements to unlock further spawning points. From shortly after public launch, the default array of spawning places for a landowner will include the landowner's tiles plus each of the four metaserai. However, only one of the four metaserai will be open for private launch (the other three will be visible in the landscape, but it will be impossible to visit and interact with them), which means that only one of the metaserai will be a spawning point as of private launch.

Unlocking spawning choices

A system whereby exploring pax.world will unlock various other spawning points (such as near to follies and landmarks) will be deployed before or shortly after public launch. However, this system is not yet operational which means that landowners are unable to unlock any new functionality in this respect during the private launch period. However, they will have had a head-start on all other users in learning the whereabouts of the various structures.


Although landowners will be unable to unlock new spawning points during the private launch period, you will be able to teleport anywhere on the map (with one or two exceptions) during this period. This is a functionality that will be locked down come public launch, with teleportation becoming a privilege to be earned. The message here is: make the most of it! You have the run of the whole island!


From public launch onwards, the minimap will be more sparsely populated with marked locations for new users. For private launch only, the minimap shows not only the location of your own tiles but also all four metaserai and all current follies and landmarks. Since you also have the temporary ability to teleport anywhere, you can use these markers to go and take a look around all those locations.

The minimap will also change for the better for public launch or shortly after, as greater functionality is added.

Reward schemes

Various reward mechanisms are planned for public launch, enabling users to acquire items and tokens in return for accomplishing certain tasks. These mechanisms are not currently in operation, nor will any landowner behaviours be retroactively rewarded except if stated otherwise.

Shops, marketplaces and the in-world economy

Both in conjunction with, and independently of, the reward schemes, pax.world will provide opportunities to buy and sell in-world items, NFTs, unlocks, avatar customisations and Land Builder elements. The first versions of these frameworks will be rolled out around public launch.

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