🏛️DAO Proposals

Stake to make proposals for voting on the future of the platform

Proposal site and staking will be open from 30th November

pax.world intends to build a lasting community with democratic institutions and processes that stand the test of time. Part of that is carefully building a strategy to progress from centralized governance by the pax.world team through to increasingly well-defined voting and consultation methodologies, and on toward a meaningful level of decentralization. Take a look at the DAO pages, where more information will be added over time.

That process won't happen overnight, but when it comes to starting to refine our underlying procedures and test some ideas about how to involve the community in product development, there's no time like the present.

Stake to get your proposal put to the vote

Starting in Q4 2022, pax.world will open the way to proposals from those who commit to staking at least 5,000 PAXW token for up to 4 months. See below for examples of what might constitute a proposal, and how to get yours considered. The minimum staking period is 1 month, even if your proposal is rejected.

What is a proposal?

A proposal can be any vision aimed at helping pax.world and its community thrive. Examples might include:

  1. A technical change to user interfaces

  2. How the world looks or acts

  3. A social rule that is put in place to protect users

  4. A new way of interacting

  5. A new game or experience in the environment

Needless to say, proposals are subject to considerations of feasibility, which is why all proposals are not automatically put to the vote. If someone proposes that all pax.world servers be relocated to the moon (even if that is where the token is going!), there is nothing to be gained by asking the community to vote on such a proposal. All proposals for voting need to fall within the resources of the DAO treasury and its long-term considerations.

Check back here for more details and instructions as they become available.

How to make a proposal

  1. Stake 5000 PAXW and articulate your idea as clearly and persuasively as you can.

  2. There will be a 1-month review period for the representatives of the DAO (the pax.world team right now) to consider the feasibility of the proposal.

  3. If the proposal is rejected, the stake will revert to the user at that point.

  4. If the proposal is accepted, the pax.world team will write up a statement regarding implementation and a public response to the proposal.

  5. The community will read the details of the proposal and vote during a 3-month consultation period, during which time the staked amount remains in place for a total staking period of 4 months.

  6. Should a proposal be successfully voted through, the team will begin implementation and provide monthly updates on progress.

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